Which One Would You Choose?

Happy Tax Day!

Here’s a fun fact I bet you didn’t know:

In 2009, the IRS reported receiving 131,543,000 individual income tax returns. If each return were processed at the rate of one per minute (and that’s fast!), it would take more than 250 years for one person to do the job.

Interesting, eh? 🙂

I hope you’ve received help with your taxes – you know, from a Certified Tax Professional or CPA. But, let’s just say you did not yet and you’re looking for someone qualified and you type into Google, “Tax Preparation Services.” You click on the top two sites: (Two actual examples, by the way.)

The first site reads, “LA Tax Preparation Services. Knowledgeable About Federal, State County and City Tax Agencies. In Business for More than 10 Years. Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff. High-Quality Services. Call to schedule an appointment. (323)123-4567(323)123-4567

The second site says, “Free Consumers Guide Reveals: What Every California Resident Needs To Know Before You Ever Hire a Local Tax Preparer.”

Copy below it reads, “In this Free Guide, you will discover:

  • The Five Most Costly Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Tax Preparer
  • Four Myths and Errors that Cause Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars Each and Every Year and How to Avoid Them
  • Six Critical Characteristics You Should Demand From Your Tax Preparer
  • Five Simple Steps to Finding the Right Tax Professional For Your Unique Situations
  • The Three Different Types of Taxpayers: Which One are You?

Which one would you choose?

I think it’s obvious, but let’s just say why. Although the first example answers the call, “LA Tax Preparation Services”, and albeit done very poorly, it is trying to sell you on why should hire them on why they are the best Tax Preparer for your needs.

However, in the second example, it is educating you first. “…Before You Ever Hire a Local Tax Preparer”, you must know these things. This one says, “I’m looking out for you. Don’t get scammed. Don’t trust your taxes to just anybody.”

Does that make sense.

That’s the difference between ordinary businesses who don’t understand the power of lead generation – of the ‘Like, Know, and Trust’ Factor – and an extraordinary business of showing up like no one else.

This is the power of The Consumer Awareness Guide.

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Have a FANtastic rest of your day.

Dedicated to helping you multiply your income (and help you show up like no one else!),

‘No BS’ Craig

P.S. There’s a special Tax Day offer for you once you click on the link – but it’s only good until tonight at Midnight. So, if the above examples made sense to you, take action and let’s get started right away. If you think you’re already showing up like no one else, “good for you!” If not, what the heck are you waiting for?

Click here to read more about The Power of a Well-Constructed Consumers Guide for your business.