The Critical Marketing Triangle

marketing triangleWhen I started out as a struggling consultant, my main problem was that I was communicating the right message to the wrong market — and generally using the wrong medium to get my message across.

One of my early “aha’s” was the necessity for having all three (3) components of the Marketing Triangle in place to effectively communicate my message to the people who most needed to hear it.

“What is the Marketing Triangle?” you ask.

Well, let me put it this way, “business owners are always looking for the Easy Button.”

My mentor Dan Kennedy says, “The best way to productivity and profits is through the fundamentals.”

Imagine, if you will, a triangle…

The left angle is “MESSAGE”

The right angle is “MARKET”, AND

The bottom line is “MEDIA.”


When I started out, as most consultants and new business owners do, I joined the Chamber of Commerce, and other local networking groups.

I was very eloquent in my presentation (my MESSAGE), sharing all the reasons why small business owners needed my assistance to increase profits within their business. After all, their marketing stunk! They were doing as bad as I was, really. 🙂

Big problem! My target market (my “rich,” “affluent,” “pay me big money” MARKETS) weren’t sitting at the tables I was presenting at.

Another big problem I had was the place I was trying to find my clients (my MEDIA). I was attending Chamber of Commerce events and BNI, and other local networking groups. Consultants who have highly specialized knowledge SHOULD NOT be trying to find clients at those groups. There’s no disrespect intended, but it’s not an ideal place for independent consultants to get paid for what their worth.

The problems we solve with the SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE we posses, is not for the typical small business owner. (Of course, there are exceptions!)

So, after hearing this from one of my primary marketing teachers, and going “Ahhhh! That makes so much freakin’ sense!” (my Boston accent coming out)  I changed my approach. I decided to find a niche market that I could relate to; that I understood their problem and could “enter the conversations already occurring in their minds (a Robert Collier principle you should be aware of), and I used the right media to get their attention.

The first questions you have to ask yourself are:

  • “Who, more than anyone, can I help?” Or, better yet… “Who needs my help and how easily can I reach them?”
  • “What problems are they facing right now that are prominent in their minds?” “How can I solve that problem?”
  • “Where can I find these people?” “What do they read? Where do they flock?” “What associations do they belong to?”

Once I learned to ask AND answer to those questions, my life changed.

Whether you’re a consultant or not, the ‘Marketing Triangle’ applies to you 100%.

You cannot survive in your business getting only one of these right.

For instance:

* RIGHT MESSAGE, wrong market, wrong media. “Eh! Fail”

Let’s try again:

* RIGHT MESSAGE, RIGHT MARKET, wrong media. “Eh! Fail.”

One more time:

* Wrong message, RIGHT MARKET, RIGHT MEDIA. “Eh! Fail.”

You’ve got to have all these three (3) components working together, in perfect harmony. If you have any one of them wrong, you risk poor results.

You can win by LUCK. But, DON’T count on that.


To win with your marketing communications, you must have these three components in place.

* There must be a carefully chosen MARKET

–> Clearly identified and profiled

–> Thoroughly understood, and

–> Affordably reached.

* There must be a carefully crafted MESSAGE

–> Specifically crafted to present specific promises of irresistible appeal to those specific clientele

* You must use the right advertising MEDIA

–> Must be effective in presenting the Message to the Market

* AND LAST! You must have honest fulfillment of the promise made, typically requiring intense management of products, places, and people.

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