Success Is Hard (But it’s worth it!)

Almost two years ago I met my friend Michael Levine briefly at one of David Fagan’s events at his home in Ojai.

Michael, if you don’t know, is a best-selling author of 19 books (including Guerrilla P.R. 2.0 and Broken Windows. Broken Business), and he’s one of Hollywood’s top Celebrity Publicists and Media experts, representing superstars like Michael Jackson, Charlton Heston, Barbra Streisand, Michael J. Fox, Demi Moore, Dave Chappelle, Prince, Joan Rivers, David Brenner… just to name a few.

Growing up, he had a love for politics and celebrities. In his young adult life, it was leave New York City and either head to Washington, DC – or – head to Hollywood, CA. He started his P.R. firm in 1983 without a shred of experience or know-how, but was determined to make it in Hollywood. Because of that determination, he is one of the most well known Media Experts in the country.

When asked, “How did you get your first A-list client?” at a live event we both spoke at, his response was legendary… to me at least. (cont. below)

He said, “I’ll tell you… but you’re not going to like the answer.”

“Ready?….The answer is….SOMEHOW.”

“Somehow I got the first A-list client. Every front door, every back door, every side door, every window, every chimney… I was there.”

He said, “The great one’s always find a way….somehow.”

Shortly after I heard that, I sought him out via Facebook. We met for coffee and since then have become great friends. We literally talk on the phone and/or email several times a week. We have mutual respect for one another. But, every time we meet I learn a lot from his years 31 years of experience in Hollywood – and the interesting stories he tells so eloquently to make a point.

One time over dinner he shared his disgust over how “so many people are looking for the easy button, but they’ll never find it.”

He said, “There is NO easy button to success. Success is hard! But, it’s totally ‘F’n’ worth it.”

Michael has made it his mission to teach the lessons he’s learned from the Super-Successful people he’s worked with. His speech, “The Three O’s of Super-Successful People” inspires me to action each and every time I hear it. In fact, I’ve heard it so many times, I could probably give the speech myself.

If you have the mind and desire not only to be successful – but SUPER-successful, I have a special gift for you.

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These audios are not for the faint of heart. There is some explicit language (he’s from New York!) and there no ‘B.S.’ – he doesn’t let you get a way with a lot of excuses.

But, if you you’re determined to be the very best you can be in business and in life, then…

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That’s it for today. Have a SUPER-successful week.

Dedicated to helping you multiply your income in 2014 (and beyond!),

‘No BS’ Craig

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