If You Want to Be Successful, Don’t Pick Up Your Friends at the Airport

Michael_LevineMy friend, Media Expert and Author Michael Levine (ML) was telling a story at UCLA a few months ago (which I attended) about his meeting with a wannabe actress who was working as a waitress until she gets her big break. She couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t made it yet.

ML: “How long have you been trying to be an actress?”

Waitress: “5 years or so.”

ML: “Do you want to be a successful actress?”

Waitress: “Yes, of course.”

ML: “How many times in the last year have you picked up your friends at the airport?”

Waitress: “I don’t know. A few times, I guess.”

ML: “I don’t pick up my friends up at the airport.”

(There’s a huge lesson in there. Can you figure it out?)

I wrote this post initially on Facebook to make a point about someone in my own life who doesn’t understand what successful people do that unsuccessful people don’t do. If One of the challenges I face is that my office is in my home. The second challenge (right now) is that my family is on Summer vacation. They believe that because they are on vacation that I must be as well.

Not true. When I go on vacation, I am on vacation. But, because they are on Summer break, doesn’t mean I get a paid Summer off.

I work hard every day, every week, every month.  16 hours a day sometimes. Easily 80 hours a week.

Now, let’s not confuse family time with being too busy. When I am on dedicated family time, I am ‘there.’ But, when I’m working from home, you cannot just come in and interrupt me and say, “I need you to go clean up the mess you made on the stove.” Or, “can you please take out the trash?” Or, “come see this funny video on Facebook.”

It’s tough being an entrepreneur living in a non-entrepreneur home. I am grateful, however, for my laptop, my smartphone, and anything else that is portable that I can take to my office-away-from-office (Starbucks, Corner Bakery, Courtyard Marriott, etc.) to get some peace and quiet and focus.

If you are in a relationship with a non-entrepreneur, do you suffer from this affliction too?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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