Review of David Fagan’s New Book

“David Fagan is the epitome of what he teaches in the Icon Code. As a marketer and serious student of communication and influence, I watch David closely each time I see him live in action. If you are smart and you pay attention carefully, there are major lessons in how he communicates. It’s brilliant. I listen to his every word to hear the “presentation behind the presentation”. That’s where my biggest breakthroughs have been in my own business over the past year. Everything you are reading in this book – what he teaches to his clients – is what he practices every day. There is no fluff. This book delivers the real stuff that Icons are made of. Use it and cherish it as your road map to gaining iconic status within your industry.”

Craig A. Valine
Enhanced Marketing Performance LLC
Author, ‘The Ultimate No BS Guide to Entrepreneurial Success’

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