The Purpose of a Race is to Win

Mini-me has been running track for the past 3 years. His first year, he could barely make it around the track once. I remember walking across the infield, back and forth, to coach and inspire him to make it all the way around the very first time. First year, no medals in competition.

The second year, he could make it around once, but barely twice. Again, every time at practice he ran around the track, I was in the infield, walking back and forth, side to side, coaching and inspiring him to keep on keepin’ on until he made it.  Second year, no medals for competition.

The third year (last year), he could make it around the track twice, even three times (the 1200 meter). He was slow, but determined to make it every time he raced. I always reminded him before the race, “the purpose of a race is to win.” He chanted it every time he got up to the starting line. He says he chanted it to himself as he ran each and every race. And, you know what? He improved his times each and every time he raced. Third year, still no medals for competition.

This year, no problems at all running around the track, even four times around (the 1600 meter). He chants to himself, “The purpose of a race is to win.” each time he races. He’s had two competitions so far. Five races in total. I still coach him, but not from the infield anymore. Fourth year, five medals.

Sometimes success doesn’t come right away. But, if you are determined and you keep your mind on what the real purpose is as to why you’re doing what you do, then some day, some how, with the help of a good coach, you can achieve what you’ve been trying to achieve.

I’m so proud of Mini-me. He’s not athletically gifted, but he is driven and determined.

This story is instructive, if you paid attention You may not be achieving all you’ve hoped for yet. Sometimes it may seem like it’s never going to happen, but it will IF you never forget why you are doing what you’re doing, and you get a little help from a coach.

I am a coach for Mini-me. But, I am also a coach for many successful, driven entrepreneurs right here in the Los Angeles area. If you need a little coaching and inspiration to reach your goals in the fastest time possible, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

I run this local group to give you the help I didn’t have when I was an up and coming, driven entrepreneur. When I finally did get the help, it made all the difference in the world to me. Just like it did Mini-me.

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That’s it for today. Keep on keepin’ on ’til you succeed.

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“No BS” Craig