[Audio] Restaurant Has Three Strikes… and They’re Out!


I went to a local restaurant this past weekend, and I have had my last bad experience there. Listen in to what I had to say about it on my Pilot Marketing YOUniquely Podcast.

Here is the review I wrote up on Yelp.com about it:

EVERY single time I have ordered food to go from this place, the service has been below average – sometimes rude, and the food has been cold or reheated. For some reason, I have given them another chance, thinking that MAYBE THIS TIME it will be different, and it has not.

Tonight, called in Clipped Magazine Coupon order for a Lg Pizza, Wings, and some Fries. They said, 30 minutes (around 5:30pm). We got there at exactly 30 minutes, and the man behind the counter said, “5 more minutes.” 10 minutes, later, frustrated, we said, “what’s happening with our order? We ordered 45 minutes ago!” He said, “I know the heat is making everyone testy.”

Meanwhile, they are serving the few customers they have in their restaurant who came in after we arrived.

Again, we said, “What’s happening? You said 30 minutes. It’s now 50 Minutes.”

He says, “Well, it’s not an exact science.”


Cooking is an exact science! Are you serious?

And, to top it off, they never said, “We’re sorry for the delay” or “May we offer you a soda while you wait?” or anything.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER will I go there again. And, I will tell everyone I know not to go there, too! They are amateurs who don’t understand that their business is about customers – happy customers who return to do business over and over again.

SO done!

By the way, I have just shared this on Facebook and Twitter.

I am still fuming from that experience. I hope you got the lesson in my Podcast.

That’s it for today. Have a tremendous day. And, please let me know if I can ever be of help to you.

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“No BS” Craig