What’s the Most Inspiring Thing You’ve Ever Heard?

Quick question:

“What’s the most inspiring thing you’ve ever heard?”

I think the thing that has most inspired me was from the late Jim Rohn. He said:

“In order for things to change, you must change. And, if  you will change, everything will change for you.”

Those words and my action because of it have changed my life in the most amazing ways.

Want a quick chuckle? Got 13 seconds?

Watch this very short video to see what Dwight Schrute’s “Most inspiring thing ever said” was:  Continue reading

The Science of Testing

Do you test your headlines? In this case with email, “subject lines”?

This past month, the two best subject lines that got the biggest open rate were ‘Mara Glazer’ and ‘Tomorrow morning.’


I don’t know. But, that’s why you must always be testing to see what works and what doesn’t.

Often, I run Split Tests when sending out emails. Two weeks ago I sent an email out about Dan Kennedy’s new book with one subject line stating “Trust”, and the other with “Dan’s New Book.”

Guess which one out-pulled the other?

Should I keep you guessing? 🙂 Continue reading

What Makes You Valuable?

 One of the people who has made an incredible impact in my life is the late Jim Rohn. Every morning I watch or listen to a clip from him speaking on some great inspirational or personal development topic.

Take a moment to watch this short 3-minute clip of Jim talking about “What makes you valuable to the Marketplace?” Continue reading

Celebrating Freedom and Independence

[Video] – A fun video celebrating ‘Independence Day’ by the Muppets. 🙂

You know, the GKIC “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition) is “The Place where entrepreneurs seeking fast & dramatic GROWTH, greater CONTROL, INDEPENDENCE and SECURITY come together on a monthly basis.”

So, in keeping with today’s holiday, “Independence Day”, let me ask you this: Continue reading

Mini-me Invites Local Ambitious Business Owners to Get More Productive

Register for our upcoming ‘Enhance Your Marketing Performance’ / GKIC Local Chapter Meeting on 6/26 in Pasadena. Come hear entrepreneur/inventor Scott Evans speak on “How to Get More Accomplished in Less than 3 Days Than You Have in the Previous 3 Months.”

RSVP at http://RegisterPasadena.com

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Meet ‘Action-Taker’ Scott Evans


My good friend Scott Evans will be speaking at our next ‘Enhance Your Marketing Performance’ meeting (powered by GKIC) on Tuesday, June 26th. If you’ve never heard of Scott Evans or heard him speak, here’s a brief audio where he introduces himself, some of what he’s accomplished, and a few ideas on getting more done fast.

If you would like to hear Scott speak, register for our upcoming meeting at http://RegisterPasadena.com

Make today a MONEY day!

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How to Build an Iron Fence Around Your Herd

Here’s a brief video lesson on what Dan Kennedy calls, “The best tool I know of to build an iron fence around your herd.”

Since it costs 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing customer, I would take the time to watch this 36 minute video and implement what you learn right away!

Resources Mentioned on this video:

Dedicated to helping you multiply your income in 2012 (and beyond!),

“No BS” Craig

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The Benefits and Power of the Mastermind

A lot of new members have inquired about our Mastermind Group. Here in this short 10 minute video I explain several benefits to the ambitious entrepreneur that wants to really take their business to the next level. If it’s right for you, then see the instructions either at the bottom of this post, or at the end of the video

Question: “Is the Mastermind right for me?”

Answer: The Master mind is perfect for any Entrepreneurial Business Owner, Sales Professional, or Professional Practice Owner who…

  • Is eager to substantially increase income
  • Is eager to bend the business to facilitate personal and lifestyle preferences –to be its master, not its slave
  • Is willing to share ideas and experiences, and help other like-minded businesspeople
  • Values being part of a creative process
  • Practitioner of the “principle of slight edge” – a successful person always seeking improvement
  • Can be counted on to participate

In short, a great member for this group is someone who is entrepreneurial by nature, ambitious, and is committed to greatness by way of their business.

If this is you, get more information and download the paperwork at http://LAAreaGKIC.com, then click “Mastermind”.

If you have any questions at all, please email Craig at NoBSCraigValine@Gmail.com


Feeling Stuck? Get Smart!

NOTE: From the archives of the ‘[Former] Struggling Consultant’s Marketing YOUniquely’ eNewsletter, 7/15/08

One of the reasons I started out struggling as a consultant was that I had no previous knowledge of “how” to be a consultant. Nor, did I truly understand how to market myself as a successful consultant.

After several years of being broke and “trying” to market and promote myself as I thought I should, I decided to become a SERIOUS student of consulting and HOW the highest paid consultants GOT more business and MADE more money.

I did several things to GET SMARTER about consulting and other related subjects. So, if you’re trying to MASTER any topic, consulting or otherwise, here are my “tried and true” lessons about getting smarter in virtually any subject – FAST! Continue reading

Ten Time Management Tips I Learned From a Renegade Millionaire

One of the biggest problems I had when I started out in business was managing my time effectively.

This seems to be a major problem with most entrepreneurs and business owners, but I was bad. I couldn’t manage my projects, and I did things that went completely against what I was trying to accomplish. You know, attending networking events that I thought were going to be valuable, only to be wasting an hour to get there, two hours there, and an hour to drive home. (Not a good use of my time!)

I’ve read a lot of time management books, and I’ve used a lot of different time management systems, like Day-Timer, Franklin-Covey, etc.

When I became President of a non-profit a few years back, I found it mandatory that I Continue reading