The Purpose of a Race is to Win

Mini-me has been running track for the past 3 years. His first year, he could barely make it around the track once. I remember walking across the infield, back and forth, to coach and inspire him to make it all the way around the very first time. First year, no medals in competition.

The second year, he could make it around once, but barely twice. Again, every time at practice he ran around the track, I was in the infield, walking back and forth, side to side, coaching and inspiring him to keep on keepin’ on until he made it.  Second year, no medals for competition.

The third year (last year), he could make it around the track twice, even three times (the 1200 meter). He was slow, but determined to make it every time he raced. I always reminded him before the race, “the purpose of a race is to win.” He chanted it every time he Continue reading

The Huge Mistake

Based on a discussion @ Gold/VIP-Millionaires Group 2006

The specifics of the discussion are not important, but here’s what happened: one Member was on the “hot seat”, talking about his business, past, present and future, and at one point, another Member piped up and suggested an idea, quickly, briefly. The Member on the hot seat acknowledged him but brushed it off and continued talking about what he next planned to do. I let it pass at the moment, but thought better of it later, and interrupted our meeting to talk about what had happened.

Unfortunately, the incident is very, very, very common. Even smart and successful businesspeople are too often “knee jerk reaction” quick to judge an idea they read or hear or a suggestion given them as inappropriate to their business. Our focus can be our downfall.  The smarter reaction, in this case, and in many, is to make a written note of the suggestion or idea, make sure you understand it, and if you don’t want to be de-railed, set it aside to think about later. But by all means, return to actually think about it. Continue reading

Awful Marketing

Back in 2001, I studied Internet Marketing under Tom Antion in his “Internet Butt-Camp” program. It was a good program for its time. I wanted to model his “Great Speaking” title by having something like “Great Marketing” or “Great Direct Marketing”. Something like that.

Instead, my S.O. (significant other) suggested I do something totally different. Something… “Opposite.”

So, instead of “Great”, I created something “Awful.”

Therein became my wonderful test-site called, “”. Continue reading