Marketing 101 – Essential Elements of a Good Ad

At just about every Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Local Chapter meeting, we present what I call the “3.5 BIG Money-making Ideas” that I extract from each month’s “No BS Marketing Letter”, which we get mailed to us monthly for being members of GKIC.

Within the newsletter is a section called “Marketing 101: Back to the Basics.” It usually covers some fundamentals of direct marketing that most people either don’t know – or – need reminding of.

In the December ’07 local chapter meeting we discussed “Marketing 101: Essential Elements of a Good Ad.”  If you weren’t at that meeting, well, Continue reading

Good Quote by Rocker and Mega-Entrepreneur Gene Simmons

I saw Gene Simmons speak in 2008 at Dan Kennedy’s Super-Conference. I even got my picture taken with him!

Whether you know it or not, Gene is a Mega-Entrepreneur. He started out by knowing that “merchandising” would be the big money-maker for KISS, and not necessarily the concerts.

I recommend his book “Sex. Money. Kiss.” You can pick it up at Continue reading

Special Tips For More Compelling Copy

I’ve been asked lately by some of my GKIC members to share some tips on writing more compelling copy for sales letters, direct mail, and miscellaneous advertisements. I thought this was little article appropriate – courtesy of my teacher and mentor Dan Kennedy.

Special Tips For More Compelling Copy
by Dan Kennedy

It doesn’t matter what media you’re using, or what business you’re in, “copy is king”; crafting a marketing message that compels readership and motivates response. I thought I’d pass along a few of the most reliable strategies, fresh in my mind this week as a result of a tele-coaching call I was hired to conduct for Continue reading

Bill Glazer’s Famous Handwritten Sales Letter Still Available for Free Download

Over the past few days I’ve been telling everyone about Bill Glazer’s new book titled: “OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful” and that just by clicking the link included in this post you can claim a copy of Bill’s most OUTRAGEOUSLY SUCCESFUL handwritten sales letter that’s now used by business owners and entrepreneurs in 67 different business categories (including online and offline).

If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy than you should do it NOW!!! I mean it. As your local marketing expert, I Continue reading

How to Make A Lot More Money Fast

How To Make A Lot More Money, Fast
(From the “Why People Fail”  series of No B.S.  Articles from Dan Kennedy)
Odds are, your business lost a lot of customers last year. There are holes in your bucket. And odds are, you can’t say for sure how many you lost, who you lost, why you lost them or where they went and are now.  If you do nothing different, I can tell you this same thing next year too. A great way to make more money is to stop losing customers, beginning with the next one you are about to lose.

This will require accurately determining what a customer is worth and Continue reading

Walk Down a Different Street!

What are you doing differently from what you did in 2008?

Have you changed your thinking?

Changed your strategy?

Changed what you’re offering so that it’s more appealing to the right market, communicating the right Continue reading

I Highly Recommend This!!!

Superman? Or just Super at creating Outrageous Advertising?

Do you know the “genius” of Bill Glazer?

I do. I think he’s an awesome man to study marketing and advertising from.

Did you know in 2000, the industry journal MR Magazine named Bill and his Marketing System to the list of the ‘100 Top People, Places, and Things Impacting the Retail Industry at the Millennium’… the equivalent of being named to People or Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most noteworthy or influential individuals.

Did you also know one of Bill’s accomplishments was Continue reading

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