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Superman? Or just Super at creating Outrageous Advertising?

Do you know the “genius” of Bill Glazer?

I do. I think he’s an awesome man to study marketing and advertising from.

Did you know in 2000, the industry journal MR Magazine named Bill and his Marketing System to the list of the ‘100 Top People, Places, and Things Impacting the Retail Industry at the Millennium’… the equivalent of being named to People or Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most noteworthy or influential individuals.

Did you also know one of Bill’s accomplishments was his winning the prestigious RAC Award in 2002. This honor is equivalent in retail advertising and marketing as the Oscars are to movies and the Emmys to television.

He’s a genius when it comes to marketing and advertising!

And, as you know, he’s Dan Kennedy’s business partner, one of the top Marketing Strategists in the world and one of the highest paid and OUTRAGEOUSLY successful copywriters alive today.

In fact, he’s written 23 sales letters that have EACH generated once one million dollars in sales.


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“No BS” Craig Valine

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