How to Nearly Guarantee Your Success in 2017 | The Marketing Calendar

As a marketing expert, I get asked all the time – especially around the end of the year – “how can make my New Year even better than this past year?”

Although there are lots of tactical and strategic methods for accomplishing this, one specific strategic tool can [nearly] guarantee your success every year.

It’s called a Marketing Calendar.

In a nutshell, it’s the single most valuable time you spend ON your business each year.

The thing is, most businesses have no marketing calendar and make plans on desperation or who is trying to sell them the next “shiny object”. In fact, less than one percent of all businesses actually do it. And, those that do have a HUGE competitive advantage.

When you create your Marketing Calendar, be sure to devote specific uninterrupted time to create it. If you have a team, be sure to solicit information and/or help from key people you work with and agree on specific marketing initiatives that can be accomplished with specific deadlines.

In designing your Marketing Calendar, space out your marketing initiatives where your clients regularly hear from you on a consistent basis. Prior to each marketing initiative (approximately 3 months in advance), map everything out in greater detail, including specific types of media you’ll use.

By the way, periodically visit your Marketing Calendar knowing it’s ok to tweak things as needed. It’s definitely a dynamic document.

If you don’t have an actual calendar to use, go buy one now! Or, if you have a GMail account, you can use Google Calendar.

If you take time to plan your year using your Marketing Calendar, I can [nearly] guarantee you will have the best year you’ve ever had.

That’s it for now. I hope this helpful to you. If you need any help with your Marketing Calendar, be sure to reach out to me. I’m happy to help.

Have a FANtastic day.

Dedicated to help you turn your marketing and advertising into greater profits in 2017 (and beyond!),

‘No BS’ Craig

P.S. Remember, diversity creates stability. The more marketing [things] you have working for you at the same time, the better the results you have. So, plan accordingly on your Marketing Calendar.