“Holy Crap!”

I’ve got something VERY funny to share with you.

Yesterday morning, as I was driving Mini-me to school, a very large Coyote darted out into traffic on Hill Avenue, skirting death, nearly missing 3 different cars, and jumped over a five-foot hedge, all in the matter of seconds.

I reacted with shock and silence, because it was surreal at best.

All of a sudden, with no prompting, I hear “HOLY CRAP!” from the backseat.

Not wanting to laugh at my nine year old’s response, I stearnly replied, “WHAT-DID-YOU-JUST-SAY?”

My son, looking at me in shock, replied, “Daddy, I said “Holy Crap! That was the most unabelievable thing I’ve ever seen!”

We both broke out in histerical laughter because it was, really, an unbelievable site watching that Coyote dodge traffic like the game “Frogger”, and then… leaped FIVE FEET over a hedge across the street – all in like three seconds.

Wow! Very funny. Very surreal.

Anyway, the reason I share this with you is because tonite is our Local Chapter Meeting, and I’d love for YOU to have that reaction as well.

We have lots of great marketing and business-building info to share tonite, and I would love more than¬†anything for you to say, “Holy Crap! That was a great meeting.”

It’s a tall order to deliver. But, I promise I’ll give my best.

If you haven’t Registered for the meeting already, you can do that now at http://GlendalePasadenaGKIC.com/Register.html

Well, that’s it for story-telling until later this evening. ūüôā

Have a GREAT moneymaking day!

Dedicated to helping you multiply your income in 2010 (and beyond!),

“No BS” Craig

Craig Valine, IBA/Local Chapter Director
Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle
Glendale/Pasadena Local Chapter

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