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"No BS Business Success in the New Economy“How to Get Customers (Clients/Patients/etc.) When Others Can’t… In The New Economy”

Free Workshop for Current GKIC Members and Local Entrepreneurial Business Owners, Sales Professionals, and Professional Practice Owners, helps you implement and execute “Kennedy-Style” marketing into your business to get new customers when others can’t – especially in the New Economy!

In this Workshop, you will discover:

  • (If you’re new to GKIC) A little more on who Dan Kennedy is, what he’s done, and who he’s helped
  • Things business owners and salespeople hate MOST (and what to do about it!)
  • How to Attract More Customers by Understanding What business You’re REALLY in
  • Dan Kennedy’s “No B.S.” Rules for Direct Marketing Success
  • How to Get ‘Already Interested’ Prospects To Seek YOU Out vs. You Hunting for New Prospects
  • The Difference Between Traditional Advertising and DIRECT RESPONSE Marketing… And Why the ‘Former’ Costs You So Much More Money
  • The Critical “Marketing Triangle” (Miss any one of these and your results could be Awful!)
  • What SYSTEMS are… and why you must have them in your business to become wealthy
  • What FARMING is to the business owner (And it’s has nothing to do with pigs,cows, or chickens)
  • The PROVEN METHOD for using Direct Mail to Attract your Ideal Prospect
  • And much more!

This is a dynamic workshop where you can ask questions pertinent to “how do I use this in ‘my’ business.” I could easily charge $97 each to attend this workshop. However, it’s FREE to you!

DETAILS: Thursday, April 15th, 11:45am to 1:15pm at the Pasadena Central Library, Donald Wright Auditorium, 285 E. Walnut St., Pasadena. (Near the Pasadena Courthouse)

Please REGISTER at http://GlendalePasadenaGKIC.com/FastStartWorkshop.html

Got questions? Email me at Craig@GlendalePasadenaGKIC.com or call me at my office at (626) 507-8228

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Dedicated to helping you multiply your income in 2010 (and beyond!),

“No BS” Craig

Craig Valine, Certified “No BS” Business Advisor
Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle
Glendale/Pasadena Local Chapter

(626) 507-8228   Office

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