Don’t Send Christmas Cards to Your Customers

Ok… before you reply with a ‘hate email’ let me be clear; I’m not telling you to stop sending out Christmas Cards to your loved ones and friends. I think you should continue to do that.

I’m telling you to STOP sending out Christmas cards to your Customers.

Here’s why:

Have you ever received a Christmas card in December from a business? Of course, you have received a bunch of these through the years -competing with personal Christmas cards from friends and family.

Are Christmas cards in December easy to ignore because most people get so many of them?

YES… But…

What if you sent a Holiday Card at another time of year, when very few  people are sending them?

Well, I have a solution. As taught to me by my mentor Bill Glazer, I strongly suggest you send out Thanksgiving greeting cards. After all, what better time to send out a Greeting Card to one of your best customers/clients/patients or hot prospects than Thanksgiving, the holiday when we give thanks. And besides, very few people send out Thanksgiving Cards, so you won’t be lost in the clutter of Christmas Cards.

Generally I would have suggested you plan this out a month or two ago… or even at the beginning of the year. But, there’s STILL time to get something done in time for Thanksgiving RIGHT NOW!

Bill Glazer started doing this program at his menswear store and he discovered that when you pick a different holiday to send out greeting cards, they actually get attention. And sending a Thanksgiving card gives you build-in Reason-Why copy to thank your customers.

Plus, sending a Thanksgiving card has an extra bonus of arriving the week of the busiest shopping day of the year – the day after Thanksgiving. All those people are shopping anyway. They may as well think of your business! After all, the best time to target people is when they are already in the mood.

The Thanksgiving greeting card promotion works great for every type of business including professional practices, B2B, service businesses, retail, sales organizations, restaurants, etc., etc.

But, a Thanksgiving card is only part of a quick multimedia campaign.

The card itself is typically sent out on a Saturday so it arrives at the customers house on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Inside the card is an insert telling the reader to:


As you can imagine, the recipient is so curious with the above message that he or she opens it right up immediately, and inside is a special incentive to do business with you.

“Who else wants to stand out among all the other holiday cards sent to your customers, show your gratitude for them doing business with you… and make some extra sales in the process?”

If you are interested in getting these cards to send from your own business and need a little help designing and facilitating the promotion, send an email to my office at and let’s schedule a time to talk ASAP. Time is of the essence to make sure your promotion gets out in time.

This is an awesome opportunity for you to make extra sales during the holidays and make your customers/clients/patients feel special in the process. Don’t ignore this opportunity. Send me an email  at today!

Have a FANtastic rest of your day!

Dedicated to helping you multiply your income in 2013 (and beyond!),

“No BS” Craig

P.S.  If done right, this promotion will more than pay for itself and bring you profits you didn’t even know you were capable of making. Email me to schedule a time to talk now.