Craig Valine & Hank Yuloff Talk Marketing

On this Google Hangout Video, my friend Hank and I talk a little about what we do and what we’re working on with some special clients.

I share more on the subject of ‘marketing leverage’; that is, getting the best result possible for the same time, money, and effort you’re already spending on a marketing activity. And, I elaborate on one of my favorite and classic pieces of advice: “The last thing you ever want to be compared to is just another _________________.”

My funny and talented friend Hank Yuloff is known for asking his clients “Why do you want to do that?”  With reality testing, clients are given a clear road to the clients they are targeting. When clients don’t like what they are currently getting, Hank works with them to change what they are doing, using proven marketing methods. The bottom line is that it is all about increasing sales and business performance.

Hank writes business plans and is extremely reliable at finding the right promotional products for your business needs. You can check out his site at

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