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Feeling Stuck? Get Smart!

NOTE: From the archives of the ‘[Former] Struggling Consultant’s Marketing YOUniquely’ eNewsletter, 7/15/08

One of the reasons I started out struggling as a consultant was that I had no previous knowledge of “how” to be a consultant. Nor, did I truly understand how to market myself as a successful consultant.

After several years of being broke and “trying” to market and promote myself as I thought I should, I decided to become a SERIOUS student of consulting and HOW the highest paid consultants GOT more business and MADE more money.

I did several things to GET SMARTER about consulting and other related subjects. So, if you’re trying to MASTER any topic, consulting or otherwise, here are my “tried and true” lessons about getting smarter in virtually any subject – FAST! Continue reading

Ten Time Management Tips I Learned From a Renegade Millionaire

One of the biggest problems I had when I started out in business was managing my time effectively.

This seems to be a major problem with most entrepreneurs and business owners, but I was bad. I couldn’t manage my projects, and I did things that went completely against what I was trying to accomplish. You know, attending networking events that I thought were going to be valuable, only to be wasting an hour to get there, two hours there, and an hour to drive home. (Not a good use of my time!)

I’ve read a lot of time management books, and I’ve used a lot of different time management systems, like Day-Timer, Franklin-Covey, etc.

When I became President of a non-profit a few years back, I found it mandatory that I Continue reading

How to Master Any Skill

I want to share an article I found in Inc. Magazine this morning. It has to do with adapting any new behavior to your life so it works for you automatically.

“How to Master Any Skill” – (Inc. Magazine, Pg 14, Apr ’12 issue)

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because in adapting to this Glazer-Kennedy style marketing, it requires new behaviors and new attitudes about marketing. I read this article and thought, “Perfect!”

Here’s the formula. Practice it every day for at least 30 days. Here it goes: Continue reading

[Guest Post] The Secret to Getting Referrals

The Secret of Getting Referrals
by Dan Kennedy

There has never been any argument in advertising circles that the most effective business advertising is word-of-mouth advertising.

That’s why direct selling is so dramatically successful as a method of marketing every imaginable product and service, and why direct selling is such a great business in which to be.  As a direct salesperson conversationally telling another person why you like a particular product, you are much more convincing advertisement than any TV commercial or magazine ad. Continue reading

Get Your Marketing Message to the Right People

When I started out as a struggling consultant, my main problem was that I was communicating the right message to the wrong market — and generally using the wrong medium to get my message across.

One of my early “aha’s” was the necessity for having all three (3) components of the Marketing Triangle in place to effectively communicate my message to the people who most needed to hear it.

“What is the Marketing Triangle?”, you ask… Continue reading

Happy Opposite Day

That’s right. Today, January 25th is is “Opposite Day” here in good ol’  America and I’m here to use this holiday to encourage you to do the opposite of what far too many entrepreneurs unfortunately do, they ignore the amazing power of Kennedy-style marketing and do things that others in their industry are doing and they pull off average or less than average results.

I want you to do the complete opposite and pull off what my friend Ramon Vela called, “a Constanza.”

Remember the show Seinfeld? Well, there’s an episode in which everything George is doing isn’t working. So he decides to do the complete opposite of everything he believes… and he becomes incredibly successful at it. Jerry calls it,  “pulling a Constanza.” Continue reading

Guest Post: 8 Hardworking Headlines that Keep on Working

Along with direct mail, print is one of the mainstays of direct marketing. And today it’s more powerful than ever. A proliferation of highly targeted publications makes it easy to find receptive prospects for your wares.

And because ads are relatively easy to produce, print is an ideal medium for testing. Better still, once you find publications in which your offer works, you then have subscriber mailing lists available for testing.

Since the headline is responsible for about 80% of your response, it is vital to write one that works. So here are eight headline flavors that have been proven over and over in millions of print ads: Continue reading

The Value of Clarity

A quick story about the value of clarity in your entrepreneurial life…

Back in April of this year I was having a private meeting with my friend Scott Evans. At the end of our talk he asked me about my son (aka “Mini-me”). I told him that later that afternoon I had to pick him up from school and take him to Track practice at PCC.

He asked, “How’s he doing?” I said, “He loves it, but doesn’t seem to show any signs of real improvement. He’s not placing and I don’t want him to give up.”

Scott said, “Craig, tell him ‘the purpose of a race is Continue reading

On Dream-Crushers

Question: If you’re in business for yourself and/or you’re an entrepreneur, have you ever heard this from a friend or loved one?

“Why don’t you get a real job?”

I’ve heard it for the past 15 years from a ‘loved’ one.

People who are not entrepreneurs have hard time understanding our drive for success. They don’t understand we have dreams and ambitions, and we don’t want to settle for less. Continue reading

Another Lesson from Mini-me


Last weekend Mini-me accomplished a great feat. If you’ve been with me a while, you may remember last year when he started running Track at school, he had a very tough time getting around not only once, but twice around the track (400m & 800m).

When he finally did accomplish his goal for making it around the track, I was so proud I had tears in my eyes.

Well, Track Season is back and he’s participating in his timing trials to see just where he fits in on the team this year. This past Saturday, his first time running the 400m and the 800m for the season, he made it around with ease… without stopping once to catch his breath.

Again, I love that boy, and I was so proud to seem him grow. Last year it seemed impossible for him. This year, because he’s practiced, he was able to do it with ease.

My friend Scott Evans says, “Pride in ourselves comes from a daily sense of measurable accomplishment.” I agree.

Mini-me has grown and is Continue reading