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Chapter Announcements page for future and current members.

The Power of Doing

We have a new member who joined GKIC at the “An OUTRAGEOUS Evening With Bill Glazer” event back on May 12th who is going gangbusters putting everything she’s learning into action.

With a short Strategic Marketing Consultation, I was able help her identify WHO her best and ideal clients were, what she was doing right and what she was going not-so-well, and gave her three immediate strategies for making money fast.

Want to know what those three things were? 🙂 Continue reading

Take Your Business from Ordinary to…

My mentor Dan Kennedy says that Renegade Millionaires™ ask themselves,

“How do we take this ordinary business and make it into something entirely different than what it is now?”

If you run your business just like every other person in your industry, then customers have no real reason to choose you versus anyone else. It might only be because it’s convenient, or your price is lower, or whatever. But, what happens when another business like yours opens up and they are more convenient to do business with, or their price is lower, etc.? You’re going to have a big problem, won’t you? Continue reading

The Power of the Mastermind

This past Friday at our May 2011 Peak Performance VIP Mastermind meeting, members shared some great successes and revelations since our last meeting in April.

For instance, here are few updates from some our members:

Peak Performance VIP Mastermind Member Jonathan Mitchell who is the College Test Prep biz geared towards more affluent families launched a direct mail campaign using a tear-sheet mailer using 3rd Party data that was mailed to a list of about 2000. He and his wife spent under $2500 and got 11 responses back with 9 setting Continue reading

Life is a Roller-Coaster, Ain’t it?

Hey there!

I hope you had a great day today. Mine just got better because Mini-me is home from school. 🙂

This past weekend we treated Mini-me to his belated birthday gift by taking him to Six Flags Magic Mountain. He has this fascination with roller-coasters. None of his friends have the ‘guts’ yet to go on most of the rides there. So, guess who had to go on ALL the rides? Yep. Daddy. Continue reading

What Are Your Customers Saying About You?

I’m just back from a funeral at Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills of a long-time business friend. He was a great man, admired by all that knew him. If you didn’t know of him prior today, you would have gotten that immediately by #1. All the people in attendance, and #2. By all the great things people said about him during the service.

I went to the funeral with Local Chapter Member Dr. Dennis Buckley. In between speakers, he whispered in my ear, “I wonder how many people will attend my funeral?”

I thought to myself, “I wonder what they would say about me after I’m gone.” Continue reading

“No BS” Craig Valine’s NEW Book is Finally Published!

Finally, after years of talking about it, “No BS” Craig has finally published his book titled, “The Ultimate ‘No BS’ Guide to Entrepreneurial Success’. The book has contributions from Craig’s mentors, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, and features several Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Local Chapter Mastermind Members including, Dr. Brian Bergh, Ted Moreno, Heather Morrow, and Dr. Dennis Buckley.

The book contains moneymaking success secrets for entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, and professional practice owners who are seeking fast and dramatic growth, greater control, independence, security, and prosperity.

This “The Ultimate ‘No BS’ Guide to Entrepreneurial Success is available on

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