His Name Was Ramon


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If you know anything about me, you know at least that I have been a student of Dan Kennedy for about 21 years now. I found Dan Kennedy’s book in a Buck-a-Book store in Boston, MA in 1993 and my life hasn’t been the same ever since.

Back in 2006, there was an announcement that GKIC (Glazer-Kennedy) was starting these local chapters around the country to share Dan Kennedy’s philosophy, meet like-minded entrepreneurs, and share ideas, and learn new cutting edge marketing strategies. I was VERY interested in starting a chapter, until….

Well, let’s just say the investment in a local chapter was more than what I was earning in a year at that time. I had lost a lot of money trying to invest in real estate foreclosures, and life was difficult at the time. I saw that the only local chapter of GKIC was down in Orange County – the far end of OC! So, each month I’d drive for an hour down to the meeting, spend two Read more →


Become the Instant Authority


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It’s my birthday… well, almost. On Monday, May 12th… it’s my birthday.

And, in honor of my birthday, to celebrate I’m holding a birthday “Sale” of sorts.

Let me explain exactly what the heck I’m talking about.

Just about every person I meet who becomes an EMP member, a Mastermind member, a Coaching or Private Client… I recommend first and foremost that they write and publish a book to create ‘Instant Authority’ in their target market. A book, physical or in Kindle format, is by far one of the best tools to create instant authority, share your expertise, use as the ultimate lead generation magnet and selling tool, get media coverage and free publicity, and more!

So, because I just had this conversation THIS week with some folks I was presenting to, I thought I would create “The Instant Authority Blueprint” package in honor of my birthday. Afterall, 29 doesn’t come around too often. (Am I right? :)

And, let me tell ya…. this program is an absolute bargain!

Click here to watch a short video on how this program works.

Being able to tell people you’re the author of your own book will change the way people look at you. Just tell someone, “I’m an author. My book is on Amazon.com” and they say “Wow.” It’s kind of funny, actually. But it’s a common response that I always appreciate. My book has changed my business life – I have become an instant authority because of it… and it can do it for you too.

Click here to watch a short video on how this program works.

Dedicated to helping you multiply your income in 2014 (and beyond!),

‘No BS’ Craig

P.S. You will create Instant Authority with your new book and by letting the world know You Are an Author. Click here to watch the brief video that describes some of the other great benefits that come along with this great birthday package.

P.P.S.  By the way, don’t forget to email me on Monday to say, “Happy Birthday! :)

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Success Is Hard (But it’s worth it!)


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Almost two years ago I met my friend Michael Levine briefly at one of David Fagan’s events at his home in Ojai.

Michael, if you don’t know, is a best-selling author of 19 books (including Guerrilla P.R. 2.0 and Broken Windows. Broken Business), and he’s one of Hollywood’s top Celebrity Publicists and Media experts, representing superstars like Michael Jackson, Charlton Heston, Barbra Streisand, Michael J. Fox, Demi Moore, Dave Chappelle, Prince, Joan Rivers, David Brenner… just to name a few.

Growing up, he had a love for politics and celebrities. In his young adult life, it was leave New York City and either head to Washington, DC – or – head to Hollywood, CA. He started his P.R. firm in 1983 without a shred of experience or know-how, but was determined to make it in Hollywood. Because of that determination, he is one of the most well known Media Experts in the country.

When asked, “How did you get your first A-list client?” at a live event we both spoke at, his response was legendary… to me at least. (cont. below)

He said, “I’ll tell you… but you’re not going to like the answer.”

“Ready?….The answer is….SOMEHOW.”

“Somehow I got the first A-list client. Every front door, every back door, every side door, every window, every chimney… I was there.”

He said, “The great one’s always find a way….somehow.”

Shortly after I heard that, I sought him out via Facebook. We met for coffee and since then have become great friends. We literally talk on the phone and/or email several times a week. We have mutual respect for one another. But, every time we meet I learn a lot from his years 31 years of experience in Hollywood – and the interesting stories he tells so eloquently to make a point.

One time over dinner he shared his disgust over how “so many people are looking for the easy button, but they’ll never find it.”

He said, “There is NO easy button to success. Success is hard! But, it’s totally ‘F’n’ worth it.”

Michael has made it his mission to teach the lessons he’s learned from the Super-Successful people he’s worked with. His speech, “The Three O’s of Super-Successful People” inspires me to action each and every time I hear it. In fact, I’ve heard it so many times, I could probably give the speech myself.

If you have the mind and desire not only to be successful – but SUPER-successful, I have a special gift for you.

On our site at www.SuccessIsHard.com, I’d like to give you a Free Audio of Michael’s famous “Three O’s of Super-Successful People.” 

On these audios, you’ll hear:

  • “The Three O’s” of Super-Successful People
  • The Peculiar Similarity Between Super-Successful People and a Junkie Trying to Get His Next Fix
  • The Power of Paradox
  • Get it FREE today!

—> Click here to get access to your free audios 
These audios are not for the faint of heart. There is some explicit language (he’s from New York!) and there no ‘B.S.’ – he doesn’t let you get a way with a lot of excuses.

But, if you you’re determined to be the very best you can be in business and in life, then…

—> Click here to get access to your free audios 

That’s it for today. Have a SUPER-successful week.

Dedicated to helping you multiply your income in 2014 (and beyond!),

‘No BS’ Craig

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Lead Generation Workshop

lead generation

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After three different conversations with members and friends this weekend about lead generation methods that bring you new customers/clients/patients, I want to throw an idea out to you and see if there’s interest.

It came up in discussion, “Craig, I’m not good at getting new business. I need to learn how to generate new qualified leads for my business, fast!”

So, based on that feedback from three different members, here’s my question for you:

If I were to host a small intimate workshop at my home on “Simple to Advanced Lead Generation Methods” early next week, would you be interested in attending?”

The fee would be nominal (as far as workshops go), but incredibly informative and useful for your business immediately.

I’m thinking off the top of my head, but topics I would address: Read more →


Don’t Send Christmas Cards to Your Customers

eat ham

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Ok… before you reply with a ‘hate email’ let me be clear; I’m not telling you to stop sending out Christmas Cards to your loved ones and friends. I think you should continue to do that.

I’m telling you to STOP sending out Christmas cards to your Customers.

Here’s why:

Have you ever received a Christmas card in December from a business? Of course, you have received a bunch of these through the years -competing with personal Christmas cards from friends and family.

Are Christmas cards in December easy to ignore because most people get so many of them?

YES… But… Read more →


P.S. What Should Come at the End of My Letter?

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imagesAt a recent consulting day, a client asked me if her letters needed a ‘P.S.’ at the end of them. She added, “I don’t see the point. Why do marketers use them?”

After a big sigh, I told her, “Every sales letter needs a P.S. – don’t even think about completing your letter until you’ve created one. The P.S. can make or break your letter.”

According to DM legend Ted Nicholas, the 7 most used P.S. types in successful sales letters are those which: Read more →


The Best Lesson I’ve Ever Learned


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Dan Kennedy

The best lesson I think I’ve ever learned from my mentor Dan Kennedy is the ‘creating a category of one’ strategy.

One way I’ve done that is by changing from being ‘just another marketing consultant’ competing with other consultants to get an engagement to sought-after ‘Marketing Performance Strategist’ who dictates who I will work with and how.

The brilliance of Dan’s advice is the fewer there are to compare you against, price, deliverable, etc., the more you are control of the process, and thus, the more you can charge for your services. Read more →


Know What Business You’re Really In

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I hCartoon - Thanks to Craig profits are upad a conversation with chiropractor recently. He’s overworked and says he has “no time for marketing.”

I asked “how’s business? Is it all you want it to be?” He said, “No. But, it’s the economy and everyone is having problems these days.”

I said, “No. Not everyone.” I then told him, “The successful businesses who are making real money doing what they love are the one’s that understand what their business is really about.”

I said, “Do you know what business you’re in first and foremost?”

He said, “I’m a chiropractor!”

I said, “you may be a chiropractor, but that’s not your primary business.”

I told him, Read more →


Review of David Fagan’s New Book

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“David Fagan is the epitome of what he teaches in the Icon Code. As a marketer and serious student of communication and influence, I watch David closely each time I see him live in action. If you are smart and you pay attention carefully, there are major lessons in how he communicates. It’s brilliant. I listen to his every word to hear the “presentation behind the presentation”. That’s where my biggest breakthroughs have been in my own business over the past year. Everything you are reading in this book – what he teaches to his clients – is what he practices every day. There is no fluff. This book delivers the real stuff that Icons are made of. Use it and cherish it as your road map to gaining iconic status within your industry.”

Craig A. Valine
Enhanced Marketing Performance LLC
Author, ‘The Ultimate No BS Guide to Entrepreneurial Success’

Click here to invest in David’s new book. (Available on Kindle or soft cover) Read more →


Big News About Celebrity PR Expert Michael Levine

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I can’t say yet, but in the next 30 days, I will have some big news regarding my involvement with friend and author, speaker, and Guerrilla/Celebrity PR expert, Michael Levine.

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