The Best Lesson I’ve Ever Learned

Dan Kennedy

The best lesson I think I’ve ever learned from my mentor Dan Kennedy is the ‘creating a category of one’ strategy.

One way I’ve done that is by changing from being ‘just another marketing consultant’ competing with other consultants to get an engagement to sought-after ‘Marketing Performance Strategist’ who dictates who I will work with and how.

The brilliance of Dan’s advice is the fewer there are to compare you against, price, deliverable, etc., the more you are control of the process, and thus, the more you can charge for your services.

Two great programs to help you create your own “Category of One” strategy with Dan Kennedy are:

  • 7 Figure Academy (available through GKIC)
  • The Art of Getting Clients (available through Pete Lillo at

If you need advice or coaching on how to elevate your status and/or create your own Category of One, feel free to ask for help. Just email me at

Until we meet again…

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