Awful Marketing

Back in 2001, I studied Internet Marketing under Tom Antion in his “Internet Butt-Camp” program. It was a good program for its time. I wanted to model his “Great Speaking” title by having something like “Great Marketing” or “Great Direct Marketing”. Something like that.

Instead, my S.O. (significant other) suggested I do something totally different. Something… “Opposite.”

So, instead of “Great”, I created something “Awful.”

Therein became my wonderful test-site called, “”.

I realized from observing so many businesses that MOST, if not nearly all of the businesses I observed are doing it all wrong. If they are succeeding, it’s in spite of what they’re doing. They’re lucky. But, honestly… it’s all awful.

So, as a mission to save the world from “awful” marketing, I created a site called “ Learn GOOD Marketing from Those Who Do It Really BAD”. That site was a success for two years. (The time I owned the URL, then lost it.)

I just looked and that site is no longer available except through Online-Auction. Well, I’ve decided to revive it under a NEW URL, .

Look for new examples of AWFUL Marketing that you can learn from. Don’t make the mistakes of the many. Learn from those who do it wrong every day.

That’s it for today.

Dedicated to helping you multiply your income in 2012 (and beyond!),

“No BS” Craig