Cartoon Craig… and Other Announcements

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I have a few announcements for your benefit. But, first…

For those of you who keep asking me via email and on Facebook how my foot is doing… well, I’m still limping around like an old man. It’s getting better, but it’s not there yet. (Thank you very much for asking!)

If you weren’t able to make our Local Chapter Meeting this past Tuesday evening, “BOY, did you miss a great meeting!”

It was dynamic. Packed with great energy, great people, and great money-making information.  If you were there, Read more →


I Sprained My Foot… and I’m Using my Putter as Walking Cane!

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I’m in pain! (Uggh!)

Last Monday I somehow sprained my foot and I’m limping around like and old man. It’s not a pretty sight to watch me walk. This morning, instead of using crutches (because they’re a pain in the butt to use), I used my putter from my golf bag. I just turned it upside down, and “Wah-lah!”…  An instant cane. :)

Anyway, enough about my problems. Really, the only reason I share this with you is so you’re not surprised when you see me tomorrow night at our Local Chapter Meeting. I may be on crutches. I may not. I may have my putter holding Read more →


Entrepreneurs: How You Can Liberate Your Wealth Magnetism

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by Craig Valine & Dan Kennedy

How to Liberate Your Wealth Magnetism

Most people’s world view of wealth is as a zero-sum game. A big impediment to attraction of wealth is the idea that the amount of wealth floating around to be attracted is limited. If you believe it’s limited, then you believe that each dollar you get came to you at someone else’s expense, your gain another’s loss. That makes your subconscious mind queasy. So it keeps your wealth attraction power turned down. Never to full power. To let it operate at full power would be unfair and harmful to others. If you are a decent human being, and you have this viewpoint, then you will always modulate Read more →


Research, Ford Fiesta’s, and Finding a New Market

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Bill Glazer - Host of "No BS LIVE" TVThis week’s episode of “No BS LIVE TV” is up and I’ve included it here in this post for your viewing pleasure. :)

This week, Bill Glazer discusses Research: A necessary evil for every successful entrepreneur. That’s why this week he discusses one of the best survey questions an entrepreneur can ask, and how the responses can be used to shape your business.

He also shares a S&D item from the Ford Motor Company. And, he switches it up a bit this week with a question from one of Glazer-Kennedy’s own Independent Business Advisors. Read more →


You Get What You Focus On

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Mini-me is going into 4th Grade in September. One of his big projects this year will be to study the 21 California Missions, pick one he likes, then create a 3-dimensional model of one for display at his school’s Open House in January.

So, instead of sitting home on a hot Sunday afternoon, we decided to drive up to Ventura to see the Santa Buena Ventura Mission. After all, it was going to be about 25-degrees cooler up there anyway. :)

However, what is usually an hour-long drive took us almost two hours. :( Read more →


Happy Gummy Worm Day!

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That’s right, it’s “Gummy Worm Day.”

And, believe it or not, I’ve got a bag o’gummy worms sitting on my desk just waiting to be eaten today. Of course, Mini-me will help me devour them. That’s expected. :)

I mention “Gummy Worm Day” for a reason. One of Dan Kennedy’s most simplest strategies for getting through to your herd is to either tie into current news, events, holidays, etc. – or – use “funky” or odd holidays to gain attention. Read more →


Entrepreneurs! Think ‘Process’ And ‘Relationship’, Not Sales ‘Incident’

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by Craig Valine & Dan Kennedy

Think ‘Process’ And ‘Relationship’, Not ‘Sales Incident’

A lot of people never start. Never do anything. Then, of those who do start, few follow through. A lot of business owners, marketers, and sales professionals who start promising valuable relationships with prospects and with customers or clients never follow up to develop them and sustain them. This is not just a matter of dis-organization, dysfunction, or sloth. It has deeper meaning. Read more →


What Entrepreneurs Should Expect In The New Economy

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by Craig Valine & Dan Kennedy

What To Expect As We Transition From Recession to New Economy

People who lived through The Great Depression kept a “Depression mentality” their entire lives. They stored and hoarded, they were debt averse, they squeezed the last drop from every tube, repaired rather than replaced anything that might be patched together and made to limp along just a little further. Such thrift is not necessarily a bad thing, and our modern society could benefit from a little more of it. This kind of thrift taken to extremes, however, represents some inner, emotional scarring. It speaks of fear. In business a certain level of prudent paranoia, of considering worst-case scenarios, and intelligent scheming to avoid them or insuring against them is necessary, Read more →


The Robert Collier Principle…Simplified

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In the advertising classic “Robert Collier Letter Book” (Copyright 1937), he lists The Six Essentials to writing a good letter. If you’ve never read the book, here they are for your review:

  1. The opening, which gets the reader’s attention by fitting in with his train of thought and establishes a point of contact with his interests, thus exciting his curiosity and prompting him to read further.
  2. The description or explanation, which pictures your proposition to the reader by first outlining its important features, then filling in the necessary details. Read more →


The Pressure-Prosperity Link for Entrepreneurs

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by Craig Valine & Dan Kennedy

The Pressure-Prosperity Link

In the past couple years, most business owners have had to battle an unfriendly economy, and must now adjust to an evolving “New Economy.” This is harder for some than others, but the path to success is the same for all: not permitting any conditions or circumstances to dictate results. Not to embrace any excuses for not doing well. Excuses sabotage creativity and initiative. Read more →