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From The Desk of 'No BS' Craig Valine
Pasadena, CA
May 2016

RE: Tuesday evening, May 31st at 6:30pm at The Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Old Pasadena with EMP Founder and Marketing Performance Strategist Craig

Dear Friend,

In 1994, Salton Inc. hit pay dirt. Their product finally got the attention it needed. This was in stark contrast to when it had been introduced a few years earlier and promoted through industry trade shows to a largely uninterested public.
But this one super-weapon made sales instantly skyrocket. 
They sold a million units, then 5 million.  Soon sales topped 10 million units. What made the difference? Why did a product that few had given a second glance suddenly become so popular?Two words...
"George Foreman."
After signing a deal with the world champion boxer, Salton changed the name of their product to the George Foreman Grill.
It became so popular that today more than 100 million George Foreman grills have been sold worldwide.
"Celebrity" sells.  And attaching your business to a celebrity will help sell your products and services too.
Think about it. Have you ever been convinced to buy something on TV because one of your favorite celebrities was selling it?  Maybe even a George Foreman Grill?
People are obsessed with celebrities which draws more attention to anything featuring them, including ads. This makes "celebrity" a super-weapon in the marketing world.
In fact, every year billions of dollars are spent on celebrity endorsements. It has become so dominant in our culture that people want to know what their favorite celebrities are doing, wearing, drinking, eating and where they shop and do business.
Smart businesses are making the celebrity connection to capitalize on their marketing and sales power.
Think you can’t afford it? Think again. 

At our next EMP Power Event, This month we’ll talk about how you can create and use celebrity in your business without breaking the bank.

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