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Straightforward, 'No BS' Advice for Progressive, Driven Entrepreneurs and Professionals

“No BS” Craig Valine, known for his straightforward style of communicating effective and powerful marketing advice, is a Marketing Performance Strategist who specializes in uncovering hidden “marketing assets” and overlooked profit potential within a business. Craig’s powerful, proven strategies “enhance marketing performance” by first discovering the profit-generating opportunities that may be going unseen or not being used to their full potential and then gaining greater results, power, and profit for about the same time, money, and effort a company is already spending.

Craig is a Former Independent Business Advisor for GKIC in the Los Angeles Area. He leads a large group called Enhanced Marketing Performance (aka “EMP”) for local entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals and professional practice owners who want to learn more effective ways to substantially increase their income by making ‘better’ marketing choices. Craig runs several elite coaching, mastermind and Private Client Groups for serious individuals who want to accelerate their success in the shortest time possible.

Craig has spoken to groups all around the country and shared the same stages with other business greats including Small Business Marketing Guru Bill Glazer, Celebrity PR Expert and Author of Guerrilla PR 2.0 Michael Levine, SANG Creator Larry Benet, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing and Icon Builder David T. Fagan, Celebrity Voice & Performance Coach Steven Memel, “The Ideal Networker” Casey Eberhart, “Delivering Your Million Dollar Message” Creator Maurice, DiMino, just to name a few.

He is the author of the book “The Ultimate “No BS” Guide to Entrepreneurial Success: Moneymaking Success Secrets for Entrepreneurial Business Owners, Sales Professionals, and … Independence, Security, and Prosperity” (Available at He is also co-author of “Zero To Hero in 90 Days or Less” with David T. Fagan and The League of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs.

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Which One Would You Choose?

Happy Tax Day! Here’s a fun fact I bet you didn’t know: In 2009, the IRS reported receiving 131,543,000 individual income tax returns. If each return were processed at the rate of one per minute (and that’s fast!), it would

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Brochures don’t work like this does…

I get asked all the time – in fact, just over the weekend at Mini-me’s Track & Field event in Sherman Oaks: “What’s the difference between a Consumer Awareness Guide and a brochure?” There are many types of businesses that

lead generation

Lead Generation Workshop

After three different conversations with members and friends this weekend about lead generation methods that bring you new customers/clients/patients, I want to throw an idea out to you and see if there’s interest. It came up in discussion, “Craig, I’m